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Due to my lifestyle changes I am selling out my makeup . All items are lightly used, but in a very good condition :) Offers and questions in a comment section below .

4 Months worth of empties ! How many products I`ve used up in four months ( PART TWO ) Haircare and Make up

 Hello again my lovely readers ,

Who would believe that after being silent for such a long time I would post twice in the same day? But here comes my Part two of my empties collection, which I was saving since January . Hope you will like this post.

                                                                 HAIR STUFF
 L'Oreal casting Creme Gloss in 415 Iced Chocolate - from the word iced I was thinking that is going to be a cool toned brown, but it definitely had red tones in it. Would not buy this again.

L'Oreal Preference in Extreme Platinum - I used this to get my ombre . The result was not the same as on the picture, but I was pretty satisfied, my hair was not orange or too brasy what purple toner would not fix. Would I buy this again ? Yes, if I would go ombre again.

Faberlic Intense Hair Repair Biphase Spray - very nice leave in treatment, left my hair tangle free and soft with no frizz . Would I buy this again? Yes, if Faberlic would be available in Ireland.

L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist Reinforcing Shampoo - smelled very nice, did the job, but did not noticed any great benefits which were claimed on the packaging. Would I be repurchasing this ? No, want to try other shampoos .

ProVoke Touch Of Silver Twice A Week Brightening Shampoo - the best budget friendly purple shampoo on a market . Will I repurchase ? Yes, if I ever have blonde hair again.

Herbal essences Bee Strong Strengthening Intensive Mask - the best hair mask I ever tried. I bought numerous amount of these already and will be buying these until the end of the world . It is my HG hair mask and it smells divine .That is it . LOVE ! 

                                                                  MAKE UP
 Soap & Glory Hocus Focus Instant Visual Flaw Softening Lotion - it is a liquid illuminator which can be used under foundation or mixed in with foundation, gives you glowy goddess appearance , makes even most matte foundations very healthy looking . Would I buy this again ? I am trying different illuminators at the moment, so I wouldn`t get this right now, but highly recommend.

4 Months worth of empties ! How many products I`ve used up in four months ( PART ONE )


How are you all doing? Are you excited for upcoming summer as I am?
Today I am coming your way with the mommy of all empties posts , I collected my rubish for four months so now it is time to share my opinion about every each of them. Hope you will enjoy!
                                                                  BODY STUFF

Bioderma Cicabio - smells very bad, texture very strange , but saved my skin then I got very bad sunburn . Would I buy this again? If I would get sunburn, definitely YES.

Oriflame Perfect Body Stretch Repair -  my mom gave this to me, when I told her that I have some stretch marks on my bum area after loosing some weight . I used it religiously after every shower, but did not notice any changes . I have another tube of this, so I am giving another go to this before saying my final verdict.

Victoria`s Secret PINK Warm and Cozy Body Lotion -  nice body lotion, but nothing too special about this, sank in quick enough, smelled nice, but not as nice as I would want to have this again .  Would I buy this again ? NO

Oriflame Incredible Hand Cream - it contains silicone and glycerine, was very moisturizing for colder winter months , but sadly does not sink in as fast as I would like . Would I buy this again? Yes, but only for winter time.

Garnier Body Ultimate Body Oil - I really liked this, contains four oils : Argan , Macadamia, Almond and Rose, so the smell was very nice. Despite the fact that this was an oil, did not left me greasy, but my skin felt moisturized and had very nice glow. Would I buy this again? Maybe, If I would see this on special again.
Cien XXL Melon Shower Gel - I found this giant shower gel in Lidl and it was around two euro so I could not leave it . It has a very fresh melon / apple scent, was not to watery and did not dry my body . It was the biggest shower gel I had , so at the end I started to be bored of the scent and the shower gel itself . Would I buy this again? Maybe if I would see this after a year or so, I bought another one , just different scented , so I wont need a shower gel in the nearest future. 

Radox Clean & Refresh Handwash With Lime and Coriander - very green and herbal like scent, did the job, but I prefer more interesting smelling soaps . Would I buy this again? NO

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub - in the beginning I was not sure about the scent, but now I am loving it . Warm sweet scent of brown sugar and fresh zingy lime, it could not be more strange combination, but smells heavily . It left my skin very soft, but not dry , so I give this a big plus . Would I buy this again? YES 

Nivea Invisible Anti-Perspirant - did the job, did not left any marks on my clothing , so I gave this a big plus. Will I repurchase ? Maybe, but want to try something else first.

ARTDECO Tribal Chic Bronzing Glow Blusher ( Review and Swatches )


My name is Egle and I am a limited edition product / packaging addict . People say that first step to get rid off your addictions is to admit that you have them .

This is the third post in a row that includes limited edition product. The second post about ARTDECO Bronzing Blusher , but this time it is 2013 collection . I know, why I am even sharing my review if it is a limited edition of 2013 , but good news for all my readers, that I know a place where they still have this and many other ARTDECO gems in stock. And let me say, THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED post by any means, I found that site myself and they don`t even know that my blg is existing .

So, now it is time to talk about the product itself . It comes in a beautiful  square compact , it has  an amber coloured top and load designs on top , all these designs  has a very strong Marocco vibe ( in my opinion ) I think that packaging is very nice and has a huge plus inside it, good size mirror .

ARTDECO LE Queen Of Jungle Bronzing Glow Blusher ( Review and Swatches )

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to share last year`s limited edition blush from ARTDECO. Yes, I said it, it is from last year and it was a limited edition. How cruel I am? Don`t be mistaken, I will tell you a secret where you can still get this beauty .
First let me tell you how amazing the packaging looks : very bright green compact with silver dragonflies . It has a very good size mirror and closes very securely .
More about the inside, this blush has three shades : mauve pink, terracota and peachy orange .All shades have a golden sheen in them , so that makes this blush perfect for summer when I will have some tan .  I almost forgot to mention, that this beautiful has a dragonfly embossing in the blush powder !!

I am really enjoying using this, it is not too pigmented, easy to use on everyday basis.

So if you are interested to get your beauty addict hands on it , you can still find it here :

I hope you enjoyed reading this extremely short review, if you tried this please let me know what you think about it

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